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Voss Ibérica Voss Ibérica

Round bars from aluminium

Aluminium round bars for construction, transport, comunications among other applications

Aluminium extruded round bars with sizes available from Ø 5 up to 300 mm

Normativa: EN 755-1,2,3

Calidades disponibles: 6060,6082, 2007

Aplicaciones 6060: Windows, Dors, Metal constructions, Interrior fittings, Decoration, Screws, Antennas, Solar systems, Constructions

Aplicaciones 6082: Food industriy, Decoration, Vehicle construction, Shipbuilding

Aplicaciones 2007: Machinery

Aluminium drawn round bars from 8 mm up to 50 mm according to n/ EN 754-1,2,3

Available grades: 6082