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Voss Ibérica Voss Ibérica

We are a company leader in the distribution of stainless steel and aluminium long products, born in 2013 with in Grupo Voss Edelstahlhandel Gmbh.

We are only dealing with traders and stockholders

From our facilities in Barcelona, ​​Voss Stainless Iberia SL distributes the 5 continents, with a clear international vocation with extensive experience throughout the Mediterranean axis and Latin America. We adapt to your needs and supply requirements.

We have a flexible and dynamic organisation combining youth and experience and we have a wide stock range of tubes, bars, angle bars and all kind of profiles of stainless steel and aluminium with over 20 grades available in permanent stock so that we can provide an excellent service and great support to fullfill any need without any kind of restriction or limitation in the quantities requested.

Stainless Steel and Aluminium, a wide range, service oriented

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